Robust SIP Phone ActiveX Control


Download v1.221 OCX
Download Samples(C#, VB.NET, VB6, HTML, Borland C++ Builder, Delphi)
Methods and Events

Get trial licence to test out

Click here to get about: How to use this ActiveX in webphone solution.

Step 1: Download Trail Version 1.220 (The limitation of the trial version is that the conversation will be cut off after 3 minutes and softphone can only run one hour).
Step 2: Install.(If you have installed previous version of this ActiveX, please uninstall it first)
Step 3: Launch web phone, or application phone in Start/All Programs/PCBEST Network Webphone/WebphoneApp.exe.


Options. (Set your SIP account here)
Call Logs and Phone Book
Audio Record
Voice Mail Indicator(WMI)
Advanced Call Features(Auto Answer, Do Not Disturb
Dial out or Redial
Hungup call.
Hold/Unhold call.
Transfer call.
Line 1.
Line 2.


Step 4: Configure your sip account, then restart(If you want to receive incoming calls). If you don't have SIP account, you can still make outbound test calls by doing step 6.

Step 5: To see if your sip account number is displayed on the screen.

Step 6: Dial out. To make a test call, you can dial to hear a test music or to do echo test.

If you want to use this ActiveX phone in your program, you can find the entry after you installed the ActiveX. See the picture below: