Download the source code of SIP PBX v3

The main entry of project file is SIPPBXSvc.sln under SIPPBXSvc folder, which is service wrapper for SIP PBX application.

All SIP PBX implementation and classes are under SIPPBXv3 folder, which is a dll project provide support to both SIPPBXSvc and SIPPBXGUI.

SIPPBXGUI is the graphic interface for PBX admin tool. You can change the source code of SIPPBXGUI to make your own language PBX front end. That's the ONLY one you will probably touch and make changes with, if you are only interested in customizing it to your own language.

A very simple change to put your company name and URI to GUI code is:
Open Form1.cs under SIPPBXGUI, and find code following:

        public PBXMainForm()
            logID = -1;
            logTimeSince = DateTime.Now;            
            log = new SIPPBXGUILog();
            log.mMainForm = this;            
            pbx = new SIPPBX();            
            SelfBrand = "";
            SelfBrandWebLink = "";            
            //SelfBrand = "My Brand Name IP PBX";
            //SelfBrandWebLink = "";             
            pbx.PBXVersion = PBXVersion = "3.59";......  
Just enable the commented code, and put your PBX's name and URI on, recompile then you will have your own PBX name and URI on the PBX admin tool. That's simple. 

PBXv3Test is a wrapper same as SIPPBXSvc, but it is a Windows Form application instead of Windows service.

Sometimes you may need it to debug code, because it is easier to trace in form application than service. 

PBXv3Setup is setup program to make installer of PCBest SIP PBX. 

That's it. If you have any question, please feel free to contact us.