PCBEST NETWORK SIP Software Development Kit(SDK)

Global Telephony Application Programming Interface (GTAPI)

PCBest Network's Global Telephony Application Programming Interface(GTAPI)is a well designed, highly integrated, and very flexible component for developing various telephony applications, such as VOIP, IVR, and CTI applications.
The following table gives the general comparation of softphone SDK and server SDK.

Softphone SDK Server SDK
Max Simultaneous Calls 4 4 - 1024
Basic call control(Answer, Make, Hold and Transfer) Yes Yes
Advanced call control(Auto Answer, Do Not Disturb) Yes Yes
Music On Hold Yes Yes
Play DTMF String Yes Yes
Detect DTMF String No Yes
Play audio file Yes(Only 1 channel at a time) Yes
Record audio file Yes(Only 1 channel at a time) Yes
Call conversation recording Yes Yes
Full or Half duplex connect two channels No Yes
Conference Yes(Only 1 conference room) Yes
Set and get speaker and microphone volume Yes Yes
Play pre-connection(ring, busy and tone) sound on client sound device Yes Yes
Set channel timer Yes Yes
Redirect calls(3xx response) Yes(Only 1 channel at a time) Yes
Access RTP package No Yes
Access DirectX audio stream Yes Yes
Voice Activity Detection No Yes
Tone Detection No Yes
Voice Message Notification Yes Yes
User Presence Yes Yes
Message Text Yes Yes