PCBest Networks VoIP Recorder(SIP Call Recorder) With SDK Package.

A real passive recording solution which can record 200+ simultaneous calls

Download V1.201 (July 12, 2011) support reading Wireshark .pcap file and converting it into audio wav files now.

Please read Hardware and software requirements for VOIP recorder before you install the software.

Trial version can real-time show your network VoIP calls, and record calls for 30 seconds.

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1. Sniffing network traffic, and real-time monitor SIP calls for any hardware, software phones, IPPBX and devices.

2. Recording SIP calls into wav, mp3 and xml files. XML files contain caller, callee, call start time, call duration and audio file path information.

3. Supporting PCMU(G711 mulaw), PCMA(G711 alaw), G726-32, GSM, G729, Speex, iLBC(20ms or 30ms).

4. Filtering calls by Call ID or IP address.

5. Support RTP based recording for other protocols. For example, H323 calls.

6. Also comes with Digilog database application to convert xml files into SQL Server 2005 Express database.

7. With SDK(ActiveX) and two samples(vb6 and C#), so you can add VoIP Recorder feature into you application in minutes.

8. Supporting Wireshark .pcap file to wav file NOW.